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Международная студенческая конференция онлайн - 02 - 04 июня 2021

We are proud to announce and invite you for the 9th Annual International Student Congress on Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSOS) organized by Maltepe University. The conference will take on the internet between June 02 and 04, 2021.

We would appreciate it if you could please circulate the invitation within your department and forward it to your students should they be interested.

Since 2013, MUISC has brought students from around the world giving them the opportunity to present their research interests and discuss ideas on various important topics in social sciences.

This year, the conference is devoted to the topic of “Adaptation to Pandemic and the New Future”. Please find below some sub-topics that will be discussed under this main theme and details on the dates and logistics. Detailed information will be provided upon request.

We welcome students at both undergraduate and graduate level from all fields of social sciences to actively participate in HUMSOS 2021. We invite students for abstract submissions. The abstracts will be evaluated by the review committee for paper and poster presentations. HUMSOS will be held on the internet. We will share the link later. 

Registration Form: http://form.maltepe.edu.tr/fc?key=4zDzMsE45NXFAa4LFuwkRw==