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Information For Applicants


The academic year is divided into two semesters:

The fall semester - from September 1st to December 25th

The spring semester - from February 10th to June 30th

Exam periods are held in January and June Bachelor's degree takes 4 academic years to complete; Specialist's degree takes 5 or 6 academic years to complete; Master's degree takes 2 academic years to complete; Doctor's degree takes 3 academic years to complete. All the faculties provide the full-time study. Post-graduate studies can be either full-time or part-time. The applicants are enrolled according to the results of entrance examinations (interview, test, case study).

Some of courses can be teach in English, but generally it is given in Russian. 

For each subject student must get a benchmarks on this scale:

91-100 points, estimated rating of "excellent";

75-90 points - a rating of "good";

60-74 points - a rating of "satisfactory";

less than 60 points - a rating of "unsati performed an interim certification sfactory".

General terms and conditions

Admission rules for international students you can read here: http://rggu.com/int-applicants/admission-rules/

Official Russian Holidays:

January 1, 2 – the New Year

January 7 – the Orthodox Christmas

February 23 – Defender of the Fatherland’s Day

March 8 - International Women’s Day

May 1 – The Spring and Labor Day

May 9 – Victory Day

June 12 – Independence Day

November 4 – The Conciliation and Goodwill Day 

Concluding the agreement

To conclude the agreement to study at our department of RSUH you should pass exams and submit to the department of international studies of the chosen specialty with.

And please connect with us:

Department for Foreign Students (room 300, mail building)

Tel. +7 499 250-6516

Fax +7 499 251-1070


Department for International Cooperation (room 302, mail building) 

Tel. +7 499 250-6531

Fax +7 499 973-4860 


Department for Coordination of International Activity (room 301, mail building)

Tel. +7 499 250-6503

Fax +7 499 250-6576